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Commercial Winery Insurance Washington State – What is the Right Coverage?

If you own a winery you probably have business insurance, but do you have the best insurance options for your winery?

A business owners insurance policy for wineries may include liability, and coverage for your property and buildings, but what about your vines?

What if you have a large loss due to contamination?

If you have the bare minimum coverage you could be facing a costly out of pocket expense.

How do you know you have the right coverage? One of the specialists at Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers can answer your insurance questions and help you find the right policy and coverage for your company.

Winery Insurance Washington State – Keeping Your Insurance Current.

Jill and Aaron own Pacific Hill Winery. For several years things have been going well, and their award winning wine is rather popular.

Aaron’s is primarily in charge of their vines, while Jill handles more of the business aspect of their winery. Aaron’s been paying very close attention to the weather and notices a concerning trend.

Their area has been getting less and less rainfall, and the temperatures are higher than normal.

What does this mean for Aaron, Jill and their winery? Crop yield could be smaller this year, meaning that they can’t make the same volume of wine they are accustomed to.

Aaron begins to review his insurance, just in case, and finds that there might be a number of scenarios that his current insurance policy doesn’t cover!

What if he loses the majority of his crop? What if there are contamination issues with his wine? What if expensive equipment he owns is stolen, damaged, or breaks down mechanically?

All these “what ifs” are making him very nervous. His current agent has never really sat down to discuss his insurance needs in detail so he decides to shop around. He meets with Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers.

They discuss his concerns at great length and Aaron decides that for their current business needs they are going to revise their coverage with a company recommended by Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers.

What worked years ago won’t cover them completely now.

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