Why Choose Us?

Portrait of a beautiful customer representative at workAs a leading independent insurance agency in Washington State we have the unique ability to truly shop the market for our clients and future clients.

We offer competitive rates on car, home, life, business, employee benefits and we specialize in a few industry specific niches such as Insurance for Shellfish Farms.

Good Price or Advice – Which is Better?

More than a few insurance companies promote through their advertisements on television that the price you pay for your insurance should be the most important factor.  

Price is important, but should it be the most important factor?

The old saying you get what you pay for is all so true of insurance…purchasing the wrong coverage in the wrong amount could be detrimental to your financial well being!

Another factor few policyholders realize is that some insurance companies are simply better at caring for claims.  You might be surprised to learn that some of the largest companies offering insurance also have less than a stellar track record in claims satisfaction.

We Can Help You Make The Right Choice!

Insurance is confusing, complex, and sometime misunderstood.   We at Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers aim to make the process simple and easy.

Call and speak with one of our licensed agents at one of of our four convenient locations so we can help you make the best insurance choice!


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