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Seattle Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance

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Seattle Non Emergency Medical Transportation Coverage – Recap

Last time, we were introduced to Annie Goodheart, a sweet but naive woman who just lost her factory job of 15 years.

After telling her friend Mary about her situation, Mary informed Annie about a possible new line of work.

Mary needs to hire someone through her social service agency to transport seniors to medical appointments, and Annie agrees to look into it.

Coverage Scenario Part 2

After looking into the particulars of the job, Annie decides it’s a great fit for her. She gets to do meaningful work helping people in her community.

She does some research into the job and makes a list of things she needs to accomplish in order to become qualified to operate a Non Emergency Medical Transportation business.

Over the course of the next couple months, Annie becomes certified in First Aid and CPR. She also takes a course in defensive driving via the National Safety Council and obtains her chauffeur’s license and registers as a medical transport provider through the state.

All that’s left to do now is purchase a vehicle and some insurance.

Check in next time for Part 3 to find out what happens to Annie.

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