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Washington State Trucking Insurance – What Vehicles Do We Cover?

At Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers we offer coverage for many lines of trucking, including the following types:

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Trucking Insurance Washington State – Pick the Right Coverage!

Let’s look at Jimmy. Jimmy owns a towing company. He tows disabled vehicles, cleans up accidents, and occasionally repossesses a vehicle or two.

Jimmy wants a better deal on his Washington State Tow truck insurance because he thinks he is paying too much.

He gets a quote online from a company that claims to offer the cheapest tow truck insurance in Washington State.

Jimmy completes his quote and skips the optional coverage because he doesn’t think he will ever need it, and within 15 minutes he saved himself $1,000!

What a smart business owner!  A thousand bucks in Jimmy’s pocket is better than getting overcharged by $1000 by a greedy insurance company.

Six week later Jimmy is towing a 2006 BMW 330i that had some mechanical problems to a garage on Main Street.

Jimmy takes a corner too sharply and at the exact same time his tow bar gives away and the BMW comes off the hook and lands on its side with a big crash.

The BMW is badly damaged and Jimmy figures the BMW is totaled, he apologizes to the owner and gives them his company’s number to file a claim.

Three days later Jimmy receives an angry phone call from the owner of the BMW because the insurance company denied the claim!

Jimmy calls the company and learns that he did not choose the optional On Hook Coverage and Jimmy ends up paying over $8,000 out of pocket.

Jimmy saved $1,000 but it cost him $8,000!

When Jimmy reviewed his previous coverage he discovered he had On Hook Coverage with his previous company.

Jimmy learned a costly lesson. He cancelled the online policy he bought and returned to his previous agent who had obtained the right coverage.

Insurance can be confusing and it can be difficult to know just what coverage options and amounts are right for you.

That’s why it’s important to speak with one of the agents at Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers to make sure you don’t have any gaps, like Jimmy did.

Washington Commercial Trucking Insurance is Just a Call or Click Away!

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Trucking insurance is also available in the following areas: