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What Olympia Life Insurance Policy Is Right for You?

Of course it depends on your individual circumstances. For instance if you have a growing family, it may be important for you to investigate the benefits of Olympia term life insurance.

On the other hand if you are looking to protect key employees or to fund a buy sell agreement for your business it may be appropriate for you to consider Key Man Life Insurance Washington State or Buy Sell Life Insurance Washington State.

The licensed agents of Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers can help you find the best options for your family or your business.

Common Life Insurance Mistakes.

The most common mistake made is relying exclusively on group life insurance for your individual life insurance needs.

Why is that a mistake?

Group polices provided by your employer are normally limited to $50,000 or less and that amount, in most instances, will not be sufficient to provide for your family if you are the breadwinner.

Do Not Rely upon Group Life Insurance to Provide for Your Family.

Stephen and Sarah Hill are married with three children, two boys and a girl. Zach is their oldest son and eight years old, his brother Alex is five, and their baby sister Anna just turned one.

Stephen is a truck driver earning around $55,000 per year.  Stephen signs up for the group insurance plan that provides $50,000 of group life insurance benefits.

Because their finances are tight Stephen doesn’t believe he can afford to buy life insurance despite the fact that he’s 30 years old, and a non-smoker in excellent health. Besides, what could happen?

Regrettably Stephen was gunned down in a botched robbery at a convenience store after stopping in to pick up a gallon of milk for the family. The murderer is never found and Sarah receives a check for $50,000 4 weeks after Stephen’s death.

The amount of money provided by the group life insurance plan helps but it was far from sufficient.

Sarah needs to find a full-time job within six months after Stephen’s death.

The Second Most Common Life Insurance Mistake Is Not Owning Any Life Insurance.

30% of all individuals living in the United States do not have any life insurance. Millennial’s are most likely to be under insured.

Steven Weisbart, chief economist for the Insurance Information Institute stated this, “Young people in general tend to assume they’re absolutely invulnerable.”

One millennial who didn’t think he needed life insurance had an opportunity to purchase $250,000 of life insurance protection for only around $20 per month.  He declined to purchase the insurance because he really did not see a need for it, he was young and in excellent health.

Less than 8 months later he developed stage III cancer and now is completely uninsurable.  His two children will pay the price in the event he does not survive because of his lack of good judgment.

Don’t Take a Chance and Leave Your Family Unprotected.

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