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Seattle Washington Tow Truck Insurance – What Coverage is Available?

The coverage necessary for one company may not be needed by another. For example do you need Washington State Garage Keepers Insurance?

You would need this important coverage if you keep customer vehicles in your possession even for a brief period of time.

Example: Bill Bailey owns Trooper Towing and he has a contract with the Seattle Police Department towing vehicles that have been abandoned and in some cases stolen.

Upon occasion Bill is asked by the police department to keep said vehicles in his lot until they can be claimed.

Bill is reimbursed a daily storage allowance by the city of Seattle.

Bill tows a 2009 Honda Accord that had seemingly been abandoned on the highway to his storage lot on a Friday night.

At about 3 o’clock in the morning vandals smashed windows and keyed eight vehicles in Bill’s storage lot resulting in over $20,000 in damages to the vehicles in Bills possession. 

Eventually the owner of the 2009 Honda Accord, Stanley Smith, makes his way to Trooper Towing and finds his vehicle with several thousand dollars in damages.

Bill tells Stanley about the vandalism and advises him to contact his insurance company to file a claim.

Stanley calls Bill’s insurance company, files a claim, and his car is repaired.

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance Is an Important Coverage.

Bill has always included Washington State Garage Keepers Insurance on his business insurance plan so he was fully covered for the vandalism damage to the stored vehicles in his possession.

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance is an optional endorsement and does not come standard on the General Liability Insurance Policy or Commercial Auto Coverage Policy.

If you keep vehicles in your possession at any time you should not forget to include Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance, otherwise you may need to pay damage caused to vehicles in your possession out of pocket!

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