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Restaurant Insurance OlympiaYour first stop for restaurant insurance in Olympia Washington should be Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers.

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Olympia Restaurant Insurance – Why You Need Specialized Coverage?

We know restaurants are different and specialized, and have unique insurance needs compared to other businesses.

Your relationship with the professionals at Duncan and Associates starts with a thorough inventory of your insurance needs and with questions about who you are and what you do.

Determining your insurance needs starts there.

The First and Most Important Question – Are You Under Insured?

Is your building correctly insured?  Let’s assume for a moment you lease the property, why should you care about proper insurance for the building itself?

Have you made any type of modifications or improvements to the inside of your restaurant? Or does your lease require you to be responsible for any modifications or improvements to the inside of your restaurant?

If so you may need to add tenant improvements and betterments coverage to your insurance plan.

What about your equipment?  Is that properly insured?

Insuring your restaurant the wrong way or purchasing the incorrect coverage can lead to financial disaster.

Nothing can be more dangerous for you financially or to partners if you’re Olympia Washington restaurant insurance policy is not set up adequately to protect your financial investment.

Important Questions to Discuss When Shopping for Restaurant Insurance in Olympia:

  • Do You Own the Building?
  • Or Do You Lease or Rent?
  • Do You Serve Outdoors As Well As Indoors?
  • Do You Offer Catering?
  • Do You Serve Alcohol? (If so what is the total percentage compared to all sales)
  • Does Your Restaurant Own a Vehicle or Vehicles?
  • Are Your Employees Permanent or Do They Contract with You?
  • What Is Your Parking Situation?
  • Do You Offer Live Entertainment?
  • Is Any of Your Operation Done Out Of Your Home?

There are other important questions we would need to address, but you get the point. Part of the reason for the detailed analysis is to help you understand the complexities of insurance and how it relates to your restaurant.

Our Goal Is to Help You Save Money on Olympia Restaurant Insurance!

One of our objectives is to help you save money on your restaurant insurance in Olympia Washington.

However, saving you money isn’t our sole purpose. As noted earlier, making sure you have the right insurance and — equally important — the right amount of insurance is critical.

Sometimes that insurance costs more and not less.

We would never recommend sacrificing coverage to save a few dollars. However we are in the unique position to request specialized credits with our underwriters to earn your restaurant insurance business!

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