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Landlord Insurance Beaverton Oregon

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Commercial Property Insurance Beaverton OR – Coverage Scenario Part 18

Here is what happened last time in our continuing fictional scenario:

After crawling through the open window of the warehouse, falling in, emerging from the murky waters, and scrambling around in an attempt to rescue his waterlogged merchandise, Buck finally accepted that it was a lost cause.

He was too late to save his stored products and he knew it.

He also realized that he was cold, wet, and alone in a dark warehouse and the waters are rising even faster than he imagined was possible inside the warehouse, but, when he pulled out his cell phone to call for help, he discovered to his horror that the phone’s screen was blank and it would not turn on.

What will Buck do to escape the potential danger he’s in? What will he do about the fact that the contents of his store – of his entire livelihood – have been destroyed?

Let’s return to the story to find out.

Buck sloshes and trudges his way through the dark water to one of the oversized warehouse sliding doors that are manually operated by hand.

It won’t budge despite repeated efforts by Buck. Possibly the flood waters outside are creating too much pressure against the door, he’s not sure but the door won’t open.

Exhausted, he slumps against the wall to catch his breath and ponders if he could find something to stand on to reach the window he fell through initially to make his escape from the warehouse.

Just then, he hears the unmistakable sound of a boat motor getting steadily louder outside.

Buck is struck with inspiration as he remembers where the overhead light switches are and heads to the south side of the building, hoping they haven’t been damaged too by the rising flood waters.

He reaches the lights and flicks them on, and surprisingly the lights work!  Buck rapidly switches them on and off repeating the process a number of times in hopes of catching the attention of the motoring boat operator.

His efforts are rewarded and a few minutes later he hears a voice through a bullhorn.  The local fire department’s fire and rescue team just so happened to be patrolling in the area and by chance noticed Buck’s flashing lights.

A few hours later, Buck is returned safely to town beyond the reach of the worst of the flooding. The same can’t be said for the clothing and other items destroyed in the flood, however.

Next time, Buck files an insurance claim for his damaged goods. Will the insurance company cover the loss?

Find out in part 19!

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