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Roofing Contractors Insurance Washington StateWhen you need the best rates and coverage for roofing contractors in Washington State contact the agents at Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers. Our agents are experienced and can get you a policy that’s right for you at a price you can afford.

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Seattle Roofing Contractors Insurance – Coverage for Your Needs

Roofers have a very dangerous job. It ranks in the top 10 most dangerous jobs nationwide. From an insurance standpoint roofers tend to file more insurance claims compared to other contractors.

For this reason alone many insurers refuse to offer roofing contractors insurance in Washington State.

So it’s important to work with an agency that can help you find the roofing insurance you need.

Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers is a leading independent agency offering great rates and coverage for Washington State Roofing Contractors Insurance.

So what coverages are needed? It all depends on the size and scope of your business.

Purchasing the right coverage and amount can make all the difference in the world to protect your business from claims and lawsuits.

Accidents Happen, Make Sure Your Washington Roofing Contractors Insurance Covers You.

William is a subcontractor working for Done in a Day Roofing. He and a crew of 7 others are assigned a tear off and replace in the Sunnyside subdivision for an older 3 story home.

They arrive on the site and set up their ladders and other equipment. Each crew member puts on their safety gear, and heads up to the top.

William doesn’t want to make a second trip so he grabs 4 nail gun cases and heads up the ladder. He’s a bit over loaded as he’s climbing, and he loses his balance and falls.

William grabs the ladder in a panic to try to catch himself causing it to tip over. William falls harmlessly to the grass unhurt but the ladder crashes through a bay window on the front of the home causing more than $3,000 in damages.

Done in a Day Roofing has a general liability insurance policy for Roofers.

A claim is submitted to their company for the property damage caused.

Will the Done in a Day Roofing General Liability Insurance pay?

A great question to consider before accidents happen!

The specialist at Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers can help you understand the coverage you need for your roofing business.

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