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Roofing Contractors Insurance PortlandShopping for  Roofing Contractors Insurance in Portland Oregon?

Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers are experienced and well versed in all the different coverage options available for contractor specializing in roofing.

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We offer Oregon contractors insurance for every type of Construction Company throughout the state.

Coverage Options for Portland Roofing Contractors Insurance.

If you are a roofer by trade and you are searching online for Portland Roofing Contractors Insurance we offer the following coverage options:

  • General Liability Insurance Portland Oregon
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Portland Oregon
  • Oregon Business Auto Insurance

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Additional Options for Portland Oregon Roofing Contractors Insurance.

Did you know that in addition to the coverage items listed above there may be other coverage options that might be necessary to protect your business financially?

For instance General Liability Insurance only extends coverage for bodily injury or property damage.  If a client sued you because you gave them bad advice would your General Liability Insurance Policy pay?


You would need to purchase Professional Liability Coverage as the general liability insurance policy will not cover claims or lawsuits based on incorrect advice, and omissions, or failing to deliver your service.

What about coverage for tools and equipment?

Let’s consider a claim scenario.

Would Your Portland Commercial Roofing Contractors Insurance Policy Cover This?

Jason owns JRC Roofing and he purchased a Ford F350 for his business.  His work truck is covered by his Portland Business Auto Insurance Policy.

Jason keeps most of his hand tools in a custom storage locker on his truck. Jason assumed that his General Liability Insurance Policy also covered his tools.

One day Jason is at the job site with his client, Bill Henderson. Bill offers to treat Jason to lunch and they both hop into Bills vehicle and head over to the restaurant.

When they get back from lunch they notice that Jason’s truck is missing! Jason calls the police to report his vehicle stolen and after two days his truck is recovered, but his tools are missing.

Jason files a claim with his General Liability Insurance Policy, believing that the theft of his tools are covered.

Unfortunately Jason receives an immediate claim denial from his insurance company. The adjuster explains that Jason needed to purchase a separate tool coverage endorsement for tools to be covered.

Jason is frustrated, and out a lot of money. He did not realize tools were not automatically covered by his General Liability Insurance Policy.

The Best Commercial Roofing Contractors Insurance in Portland Options, One Call or Click Away!

Jason’s situation was unfortunate.  It’s important to analyze the necessary coverage you need to protect your financial interests.

Call the experienced agents of Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers.  We can help you find the right policy for your needs.

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