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Restaurant Insurance WashingtonWith almost 50 years of experience Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers is a highly experienced independent agency in Washington State serving the needs of business owners in a number of states including, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington State naturally!

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Olympia Restaurant Insurance – What Coverage Do You Need?

You’ve saved and worked hard to open your own restaurant. You can’t wait to have a great report with customers, and seeing their smiling faces as they enjoy your food.

To start a restaurant you need more than a dream, hard work and funding. You need a plan.

Making sure you secure the right business insurance is part of your plan.

There are many different options to take into consideration. For instance what coverage is necessary if someone were injured in your restaurant?

What if a patron is sickened by food poisoning claiming that your restaurant is responsible?

What if a car crashes into your business?

At Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers we can help you find the coverage you need at a great rate. 

Restaurant Insurance Washington – A Spoiled Dream?

Une Cuisine Gastronomique is a beautiful French restaurant. Sarah Dubois opened the highly rated dinner spot nearly twenty years ago and enjoys a large, returning customer base.

The most popular items on Sarah’s menu are the delectable French pastries and desserts.

She’s well renowned for them and patrons travel a good distance for her cuisine.

It has been an incredibly hot summer and there have been a number of power outages in the city.  On a Tuesday morning at approximately 2:20 a.m. Sarah is fast asleep when a power outage affects the area in which her personal home and restaurant are located.

She wakes up late the next day as her alarm did not ring due to the power outage.

Sarah rushes to her restaurant and discovers that power has also been off at her restaurant for at least seven hours and naturally Sarah is concerned about spoilage.

Sarah contacts the utility company and they have no firm time in which power will be restored.

Unfortunately power is not restored for several days forcing Sarah to discard more than $5000 of perishable food.

Is Sarah covered for the $5000 loss of food that needed to be discarded and more importantly the $30,000 of lost business due to the temporary closure of her restaurant by means of her restaurant insurance policy?

Great questions that should be considered prior to a claim occurring, would you not agree?

The specialist at Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers can design a Washington State Restaurant Insurance Program to meet your individual needs. 

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