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Eugene Oregon Landlord Insurance

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Landlord Insurance Eugene Oregon – Coverage Scenario Part 12

In the most recent entry into our ongoing coverage scenario, Buck and his friend Scoot were struggling to make their way to the warehouse currently holding all of Buck’s unsold merchandise before the flood waters cause it irreparable damage.

Driving in separate vehicles, the two came to a dip in the road that had filled with a considerable amount of water. Buck went first and made it to the other side, but Scoot was not so fortunate.

The deep waters stalled out his car, leaving him stranded at the bottom of the hill.

Buck did what he could to help, then quickly returned to his own car and continued on his way to the warehouse.

As the rain continues to beat down on his windshield, Buck is getting closer and closer to despair.

He vigorously wipes away the fog that repeatedly forms on the inside of his windshield every minute or so.

As he drives down back roads and dodges pools of water, he sees car after car stranded on the side of the street, as if warning him not to go any further.

He can’t stop, though, or so he tells himself. His entire livelihood is housed in that warehouse at the moment, and it could all be lost if the flooding breaches the building.

Finally, Buck reaches the familiar bend that leads to the warehouse by the river. As he feared, the river’s waters have risen far beyond their normal banks and have crept up the countryside.

Has the warehouse been reached by the flood waters? Find out in our next entry.

Eugene OR Landlord Insurance – Superior Rates and Coverage

At Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers, we offer superior rates and coverage for a variety of Washington and Oregon Commercial Landlord Insurance properties.

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