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Landlord Insurance Vancouver Wa — How Bob the Snob Felt He Got Robbed by His Insurance Company Part 2.

In our previous post we were introduced to Bob Robertson, Bob was raised in a wealthy family and educated at the best schools.

Bob’s has a particular nickname given to him by the house servants and contractors that worked at his parent’s estate — Bob the Snob.  Bob was an uppity, pompous arrogant individual who was very difficult to please or deal with.

Bob’s Grandfather, Jedediah, knowing his Grandson fairly well decided to leave him one luxury apartment complex as an inheritance after he died from a lengthy illness.

Bob doesn’t work and sponges off his parents — Anthony and Abigail.  Both parents, have encouraged their son to make a go at being a landlord on his own — they are secretly hoping Bob will learn valuable life lessons that may by chance soften his offensive personality — and get him out of their estate.

Prior to the luxury apartment complex being transferred into Bob’s name, his parents encouraged him to meet with their attorney, Frank Stone, to set up an LLC.

At the meeting Frank draws up the paperwork to establish the LLC and he also encouraged Bob to call his personal insurance agent to secure the commercial insurance that will be necessary on the building.

Frank’s agent, Ted Stone, is actually Frank’s nephew.  Bob met with Ted two days later to set up the insurance and this is how the conversation went.

“Bob”, Ted began, “based on the replacement cost analysis of your apartment complex considering the construction type of your building, the age, and the square footage, we are recommending that you purchase $4.5 million for the building itself + it looks like you will need some incidental coverage for business property.”

Ted continues, “Because the complex is far above average, we recommend the Special Coverage form to provide you the best coverage to protect such a beautify and well-kept property. Your policy also includes $1 million of liability and it would also be a good idea to consider an umbrella policy, a $5 million umbrella as a minimum….” 

“How much is this going to cost?” Bob questions Ted in mid-sentence a bit angrily.

In our first post we learned that Bob doesn’t really believe in the need for insurance that much, in our next post we will consider what happens next that sets the stage for Bob making a colossal insurance mistake.

Landlord Insurance Vancouver Wa — Don’t Buy the Minimum Coverage.

It’s really never a good idea to purchase the minimum coverage when you own investment real estate. Bob is about to learn this fact the hard way. As a real estate investor there is no need for you to follow in his footsteps.

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