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Landlord Insurance Spokane Wa — Low Rates Same-Day Coverage.

Landlord Insurance Spokane Wa

If you’re looking for Landlord Insurance in Spokane Washington you have found the right website.  Please call the agents of Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers Monday – Friday until 5: 00 PM PST.

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We offer extremely competitive rates on Washington State Landlord Insurance that includes coverage for Apartment Buildings, Strip Malls, Warehouses, Duplex’s, and single-family residential units.

Landlord Insurance Spokane Wa — Are Your Covered Properly?

Your rental property is an investment, possibly your largest investment and it’s important to make sure you are well aware of the limitations, restrictions, and exclusions of coverage for the various landlord insurance policies that are available.

Did you know that there are three different levels that can be purchased for Washington State Landlord Insurance? 

Insurance companies refer to these particular levels of coverage in the following way:

  • Basic – DF1
  • Broad – DF2
  • Special – DF3

The level of coverage you have purchased (Basic, Broad, Special) will dictate if a certain claim event is covered or not.

How do you know what each of the polices cover?  It’s rather simple, yet it is a step that few take — you MUST read your insurance policy!

As a means to help policyholders get the sense of what they might read in their insurance policy we like to use claim scenarios to illustrate how something may or may not be covered.

Let’s consider such a fictitious scenario that ended up in disaster for one man we will call Bob “the Snob” Robertson.

Landlord Insurance Spokane Wa — How Bob the Snob Felt He Got Robbed by His Insurance Company Part 1.

Bob comes from a rather wealthy family, being educated at the best schools that his father could bribe to get him into — you see, Bob’s not that smart.  However, his degree from one of the top colleges in the country says otherwise at least to him — Bob is one of those guys who is more or less a legend in his own mind.

Bob’s degrees, despite the fraudulent way in which they were obtained, give him a BIG head, hence he has acquired the nickname Bob the Snob.

Bob’s Grandfather, Jedediah Robertson, knowing his Grandson fairly well decided to only leave him one of the many luxury apartment complexes he personally owned as an inheritance after he expired from a lengthy illness.

Jedediah dearly loved his family but he worried that Bob would fritter away any assets left in his care.

After purchasing insurance for his newly inherited apartment building Bob did what most people do when they buy insurance — he stuffed his insurance policy in his desk drawer and gave no further consideration to what he considered to be an unnecessary evil.

Bob personally would never have wasted any money buying insurance — which he considered completely pointless, however at the urging of his parents he purchased a policy covering the 40 unit building he inherited.

Because Bob did not completely understand what he was buying and dismissed important coverage options that were made available to him — he learned the hard way why he should have paid more attention to the insurance he reluctantly purchased.

Find out more about this in our next post.

Landlord Insurance Spokane Wa — Are Your Covered Properly?

As you are shopping for Landlord Insurance in Spokane Washington or any of the surrounding areas it’s so important to ensure you have a good grasp of the coverage you purchase.

One of our licensed agents can help you find the coverage most suited to your individual needs.

Why not call us right now by dialing 1-800-228-8291 up until 5 PM Pacific standard Time?

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