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Landlord Insurance Kent Wa — Low Rates from Top Rated Companies!

Landlord Insurance Kent Wa

When shopping for Landlord Insurance in Kent Washington or the surrounding areas a good place to start — and finish — is with the agents of Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers!

We offer exceptionally competitive rates for Single-Family Residential Units, Apartment Buildings, Office Buildings, Strip Malls, Condo Associations, Warehouses and much more.

Please call us at 1-800-228-8291 up until 5 PM PST.

If you find us after hours there is one other way for you to reach out to us. Use our online information request system by completing a few details and one of our agents will contact you the next business day.

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Landlord Insurance Kent Wa — It’s Best to Completely Understand the Coverage You Purchase.

It’s a very good idea to ensure you understand the coverage you are purchasing and make the right coverage choices based on your individual tolerance for risk, not basing your decision entirely on price.

If you purchase the wrong coverage options you may face a claim denial or receive a reimbursement for a claim less than what you expect or need.

Because of the complexities of insurance, we like to educate using stories that are sometimes based on true events and sometimes based on a mere figment of our imagination!

In our last post we found Bob meeting with an insurance broker Ted Stone — who had spent a considerable number of hours shopping the market and analyzing the coverage he felt would be best for Bob’s newly inherited 40-unit luxury apartment building complex from his grandfather Jedediah.

Bob as indicated is our first post doesn’t really have a very high opinion of insurance, or really people in general.  Bob was raised in a wealthy family and he has an over developed entitlement mentality and he treats people very poorly.

Bob’s meeting with Ted deteriorated almost immediately once Ted had shared the pricing figures which in Bob’s opinion were outrageous.

Ted never had a chance to explain. Bob storms out of Ted’s office determined to find better pricing for the landlord insurance his parents are forcing him to buy.  Bob really has no personal experience or facts to determine whether the pricing was good or bad.

Bob simply thought he knew better.  In his infinite wisdom a few days after his meeting with Ted, Bob decides to make some phone calls to local insurance agents for pricing information otherwise he will hear it from his parents.

This is how the first call went after he was connected to an agent, Sam Johnston.

“Sam, my name is Bob. I need insurance on an apartment building complex, probably about $500,000 of coverage. I need the cheapest rates you have, and I don’t have time to waste with this because I’m calling 10 other agents to make sure I get the best deal.”

“Ok we can provide quotes to you”, Sam starts off. “What is the address of the property?”

Bob states: “Why do you need to know what the address of this property is?  I just need a quote for $500,000 of coverage.”

“Bob, the first step in the quote process is the address and some other pertinent facts about the property, we can’t give a blind quote for something that we don’t have all the facts on.” Sam replied.

“Well you are not getting my business!” Bob yells slamming the phone down at the same time. Bob crosses this agent off his list he compiled from Google and calls the next agent.

Will Bob get an agent to give him a quote without providing the necessary details about the property?

We will answer that question in our next post.

Landlord Insurance Kent Wa — We are a Name You Can Trust!

For more than 50 years we have been serving the insurance needs of our business insurance clients across the country!

As you are shopping for Landlord Insurance in Kent Washington call us first. Our telephone number is 1-800-228-8291 and you can speak to a licensed agent up until 5 PM PST.

If you find us on the weekend or after normal business hours, feel free to use our online information request system. Pick your property location below: