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Landlord Insurance Centralia Washington State — How Bob the Snob Felt He Got Robbed by His Insurance Company Part 11.

In our previous post we find Robert Robertson meeting up with Willie, a rookie insurance agent to sign the paperwork for insurance on an apartment building Robert, known by others as Bob the Snob, had inherited from his grandfather Jedediah.

Bob is a rather unpleasant person around most people all of the time and he thoroughly upsets Willie in their first and only in person meeting.

Bob has Willie rethinking his new career in the insurance business as he heads back to his mobile home to complete the policy.

Willie, is certainly no expert in insuring apartment buildings and he didn’t believe that $500,000 would be enough to cover this luxurious complex.

Willie tried to expressed his concern to Bob, but Bob was having none of it when he said, “Listen, I know what I’m doing. I’m an expert in these kinds of things. In fact, I could’ve done this all myself if I hadn’t been so busy.”

The more Willie thought about how Bob treated him, the angrier he became. “If that guy is such an expert, if something goes wrong, he’s got no one to blame but himself!” Willie expressed out loud to himself as he was driving toward his home.

Willie decides to stop and have lunch at his favorite diner to try to cool down after his meeting with Bob the Snob.

Willie enjoys a nice meal and heads back to his place to complete the paperwork.

Since Willie is just starting out in the insurance business, he runs his operation out of his home, a two-bedroom 1971 mobile home. Willie had joined an organization where he could sell through a number of different insurance companies.

After turning his computer on and waiting a few minutes for it to load up he logs in to the insurance company online portal and pulls up Bob’s insurance quote.

He starts to review Bob’s quote and notices that he had inputted into the quote system that Bob’s apartment building complex is four units, he tries to change the units to 40.  But the software will not allow him to change the number to 40.

Willie is perplexed for a few minutes trying to change the unit numbers and discovers he can only input up to four units.

Finally, Willie calls the insurance companies tech support line and he speaks to Missy.

“Say Missy thanks for taking my call this is Willie and I have a tech support question for you.” 

“Sure, Willie how can I help you?” Missy replies pleasantly.

“It seems I’m having some trouble on this quote because it won’t let me change the unit numbers.”  Willie replies.

“Okay let me take a look, can you tell me what the quote number is? It’s located at the top right portion of the quote?” Missy asks.

“Sure, the quote number is 9842176H5.” Willie responds.

“Ok, I have it here, so what are the unit numbers you are trying to change it to?  It looks like you have 4.” Missy asks.

Willie dutifully replies, “40.”

“Oh, the maximum number of units is actually 4 for this policy so that’s why you can’t change the number.” Missy states.

Willie pauses for a moment before responding, “you are sure that it’s only 4?”

“Yes, this is not a commercial policy this is a personal dwelling fire policy for rental properties that are four units and below, is there anything else I can help you with Willie?” Missy asks ready to go on to her next support call.

Willie tells Missy she was a big help and he hangs up the phone and quickly smacks himself in the head with his left hand and wonders how he’s going to break the news to Mr. cheerful, Bob the Snob, he then forgets that he didn’t jot down Bob’s credit card number for the policy.

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