Landlord Insurance Bellevue Washington

Landlord Insurance Bellevue Washington — Lower Rates, Now Available.

Landlord Insurance Bellevue Washington

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Landlord Insurance Bellevue Washington — How Bob the Snob Felt He Got Robbed by His Insurance Company Part 3.

In our last post we learned that Bob Robertson inherited a 40-unit luxury apartment building complex from his Grandfather, Jedediah.

Bob’s parents, Anthony and Abigail encouraged their son to give a try in the property management business, ie. being a landlord— they are furtively hoping Bob will learn valuable life lessons that may by chance soften his offensive personality — and get him on his own and into the world.

Bob met with an attorney, Frank Stone, to set up an LLC for his newly inherited property and was given a referral to his nephew Ted to set up the commercial insurance.

Ted is a rather successful and thorough insurance agent and advised Bob on the amount of coverage necessary to protect this valuable complex.

Bob, true to form cuts Ted off rudely and states: “How much is this going to cost?”

Ted is a bit taken aback by Bob’s tone and pauses before replying, paging slowly through the quotes he had printed out and finding the cost summary he immediately relates the pricing to Bob.

“What? How can it cost that much?” Bob raises his voice demanding an answer from Ted.

Ted pauses, “Actually, because we represent a large number of underwriters, this price is the best available based on the coverage, and what you need…”

Bob rudely interrupts again, “Listen Ted, I’m not sure who you think you are talking to but I’m rich — get it?  And this price is absolute nonsense, I could get something similar for half off if I start to call around, now tell me what you are going to about this ridiculous price?”

Ted counts to 3 before replying fighting the urge to throw Bob out of his office, “Mr. Robertson I appreciate that you have given us the opportunity to help you with your commercial insurance I really do —I have given you every credit you are entitled to, the price we have quoted, based on the coverage is the best in the state, I specialize in insuring apartment buildings, condo associations, and other commercial buildings, I insure hundreds of properties in this area in fact and I’m considered an expert in my industry  — I can assure you that what we have found for you is the lowest in price so I can’t…”

“Expert?” Bob explodes, “the only thing you are an expert in is wasting my time, good day to you sir!”

Bob gets up from his chair and storms out.  Don’t miss our next post to find out what happens next.

Landlord Insurance Bellevue Washington — Lower Rates, Now Available.

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