Apartment Building Insurance Tacoma Wa

Apartment Building Insurance Tacoma Wa — Low Rates and Great Coverage!

Apartment Building Insurance Tacoma Wa

Attention Landlords: If you’re looking for Apartment Building Insurance in Tacoma Washington or the surrounding areas you have found the right website!

Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers is a leading Independent Insurance Agency in Washington State offering very competitive Landlord Insurance Rates for Apartment Buildings, Single-Family Residential Units, Office Buildings, Strip Malls, Warehouses, Vacant Properties and much more!

To speak with one of our licensed agents please call 360-352-7588 direct or toll-free 1-800-228-8291.  If you find our website after 5 PM Pacific standard Time or on the weekend please send us your request for quotes by choosing one of the below links based on the location of your apartment building:

Tacoma Washington Apartment Building Insurance — How Bob the Snob Felt He Got Robbed by His Insurance Company Part 6.

We are continuing a fictitious story involving Bob Robertson, a gentleman who was born into wealth, inheriting a luxurious apartment building complex from his grandfather Jedediah. Did we forget to mention Bob has a superiority complex on steroids?

Bob’s parents encouraged him to set this property up in an LLC and purchase the appropriate insurance coverage to cover the building.

Bob begrudgingly first met with an attorney and next he met with an insurance agent recommended by the attorney. The meeting did not turn out so well with the agent.  Bob stormed out of the agent’s office in a huff because he felt he was being taken advantage of.

In reality the first agent has a stellar reputation and expertise in insuring apartment buildings and was trying to give Bob advice on the best way to insure his buildings — Bob was having none of it and stormed out!

Next, we find Bob shopping for agents willing to give him a price without disclosing much information to quote his complex, and we find an agent named Slick Willie more than willingly to accommodate Bob’s need.

Slick Willie is brand new to the insurance business as he spent the last 20 years selling used cars and dealing with difficult customers — Slick Willie certainly knows how to sell, hence the name by his closest associates Slick Willie.

However, Willie lacks one important element — He lacks experience and any knowledge in insuring apartment buildings. In his new insurance career, Willie mainly focuses on selling high risk car insurance to customers of used car dealerships.

Willie makes a colossal mistake completing an apartment building insurance quote for Bob.

Instead of quoting a 40-unit building, Willie gives Bob a quote on a 4 unit building by accident quoting a company that insures 4 family buildings or less and forgetting to type in a zero after the 4. (rookie mistake)

We will pick up what happens next in Part 7 of How Bob the Snob felt he got robbed by his insurance company.

Tacoma Washington Apartment Building Insurance — Low Rates for Well Maintained Properties!

If shopping for a great deal on for Apartment Buildings Insurance in Tacoma Washington there is no better place to start — and finish with a Duncan & Associates Insurance Broker!

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