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Don’t Believe Everything You See on TV When Shopping for Shelton Washington Home Insurance!

Shelton Washington Home InsuranceWhen you’re shopping for any type of insurance in Shelton Washington or the surrounding areas the best place to buy insurance is from a company that doesn’t spend a dime on expensive television advertising!

Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers Represents top rated insurance companies in Shelton Washington offering low rates on Life, Business, Automobile, and Home Insurance in Shelton Washington and the surrounding areas.

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The best way to save money now and to keep your premiums low over the long-term is to keep this important insurance strategy in mind:

Package Your Car & Home Insurance With The Same Company!

The reason why this strategy is important over the long-term is based on the huge discounts offered by companies when you combine your car and home insurance with the same company.

What if you don’t own a home?

The multi-policy discount also applies when you purchase renters insurance which is a very important coverage for those who want to protect their personal property from losses.

How Much Can You Save on Car and Home Insurance in Shelton When You Package Your Insurance?

Depending on the company you might receive up to a 20% discount on your car insurance in Shelton Wa and a 20% discount on your homeowners insurance.

The multi-policy discount can help you save hundreds of dollars each year, or it could mean you’re overpaying by hundreds of dollars because you haven’t combined your car and home insurance policies with the same company!

Some Companies Only Sell Car Insurance and You Will Lose the Multi-Policy Discount When You Buy from Them!

Did you know that some companies advertising on television do not underwrite home insurance because they consider it unprofitable?

It’s true.

They will sell a home insurance policy to you (from a different company) and provide a discount on your car insurance because you are a homeowner, but they can’t give you a discount on the homeowner’s insurance policy because they do not underwrite homeowners insurance in their company name because it drives in less profit for the company!

Traditional companies that underwrite both car and home insurance in their name are more willing to pass savings on to their policyholders in contrast to companies more concerned about profits versus convenience for their customers.

Who would you rather care for your insurance needs? A company more concerned about their profits or your savings?

If you are more concerned about your bottom line versus the insurance company’s bottom line choose our agency to care for your insurance needs!

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