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Shopping for Home Insurance in Olympia Washington Is Not As Simple As the Price You Pay.

Insurance commercials on television make it all seem so easy. Compare on price and save!

Some insurance companies want you to believe there is absolutely no difference between companies other than the price you pay.

The real truth is that judging a policy merely by price could be the biggest insurance mistake you will ever make in your life!


Olympia Washington Insurance Policies Are Not Identical!

For example you can have the same property coverage limits and the same deductibles on your Olympia home insurance policy and the claim results can differ between insurance companies.

How can this be?

An insurance policy is a legal contract between you and the insurer. Companies are allowed to have variations or differences in what is covered or not covered, as long as it’s not against public policy.

While it is true in the majority of instances coverage is similar between companies, there can be slight differences, or even major differences that can totally change the claim outcome.

In a series of educational articles we will consider some of these differences in coverage. You might be surprised to learn that coverage may not apply in some instances for a claim events you assumed would be covered!

The worst possible time to learn something isn’t covered by your Olympia Washington homeowners insurance policy is after the claim occurs!

Would you agree with that?

In our next article we will discuss two different types of Washington state homeowners insurance policies that provide different outcomes at claims time.

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