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Insurance Olympia WashingtonIf you’re looking for dependable and trustworthy insurance professionals when you need Car, Home, Business or Life Insurance in Washington State, contact Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers at 800-228-8291.

As leading Independent Insurance Agents in Washington State, we can help you find the most suitable insurance options for your needs without the silly commercials, bad customer service, or typical insurance mumbo-jumbo that makes purchasing insurance such a hassle.

Insurance really doesn’t need to be complicated or boring. It can be fun… and we try to make it that way!

For your convenience, we also offer online quotes for Car, Home, and Business Insurance from top-rated Insurance Companies in Washington State.

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Why Choose Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers? 

Our main objective is to financially get you back to where you were before in the event of an accident, injury, or catastrophic claim to your business or home! 

The good news for our clients is that we can usually do this for a lower price than our competitors!

Because we are not limited to representing only one company as is true of most of the companies advertising on television, we can truly shop the market to help policyholders find the best options no matter if you are looking for the best price or coverage…we truly are in the best position to help you keep your premiums low for life!

Online Car Insurance Washington StateKeep This in Mind When Shopping for Online Car Insurance Washington State.

Despite television advertisements to the contrary insurance isn’t really a commodity that is as simple to compare as the price you pay.

For instance, did you know that insurance policies are legal contracts between you and the insurance company?

Did you also know that insurance policies can significantly differ from company to company in terms of what is covered or not covered?

Did you also know that the differences in insurance coverage is not found on your declaration page (except in terms of coverage limits) but is located in the fine print of insurance policies that few if any policyholders ever read?

The fine print of any insurance policy is something called the insuring agreement that most file or throw away.

Let’s consider one such coverage difference for car insurance.

This Is Why You Can’t Judge a Car Insurance Policy by the Price You Pay.

What’s confusing to insurance buyers is that you can have the same limits of liability and deductibles with two different insurance companies and experience different claims results!

This might seem unlikely on the surface, it might even seem like a clever ploy designed to scare or confuse individuals into buying insurance from our agency… but in reality insurance companies are allowed to place restrictions or enhancements on their policies that other insurers do not!

new car replacement cost For example, some insurance companies offer new car replacement cost in the event a vehicle less than 1 year old is totaled in a covered accident.

This coverage enhancement guarantees policyholders insured by a company offering this coverage endorsement would receive full value and not depreciated value.

What if you buy car insurance in Olympia Washington without this enhancement and your brand new minivan you just paid $40,000 for is totaled and your company only offers you $36,000?

Could you ask the department of insurance to make your insurance company pay full value because other companies offer this enhancement?


In reality, the Washington state office of the Insurance Commissioner cannot force an insurance company to do this and they make this abundantly clear on their website. Click on Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner to see this provision.

So it’s best to never judge a policy by the price you pay…one company may be slightly more in premiums but offer better protection.

As insurance specialists, we can help you choose what is right for you personally. 

What Are You More Interested in?  Better Prices or Coverage?

Better Prices or CoverageSome of our clients are more concerned about coverage versus price while other policyholder’s with Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers are more concerned about keeping their rates low.

That choice is completely up to you and the founder of our agency came to realize long ago that one size doesn’t fit all.

It’s true that Big Box insurance companies on TV advertise cheap auto insurance in Washington State, while at the same time cramming all of their employees into tightly compressed cubicles…like they are in a small box within a Bigger Box!

Why do companies pack employees in like this? Because they are interested in lowering their expenses and increasing profits!

We are different.  First our employees are not packed in like sardines in a tin box, and second, we place customers before profits!

Customer service representatives who feel constricted and confined, not to mention perhaps a little claustrophobic, may not be so inclined to provide top-notch client services.

This is only one reason why you can trust Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers to help you find the best options for your needs.

Since our founding on August 1st 1968 R. D. Duncan found that the limitations imposed on him by Big Box Insurance Companies were not in the best interests of clients.

Join the Winning Insurance Team!If You Are Not Insured With Us Join the Winning Insurance Team!

We make switching to our company 100% hassle-free! Our staff of insurance professionals specializes in a variety of different areas and we utilize a ‘team’ approach to caring for our client’s insurance needs.

No matter if you are a large or small business we offer specialized loss control services and claim services to help you keep your premiums low.

So why not call or visit us today?

We have four convenient locations in the state of Washington and we are also available by calling 800-228-8291.

Additionally, we offer online rate quotes for car or homeowners insurance 24 hours per day for your convenience.

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