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Vancouver Washington Tow Truck Insurance Quotes – Look out for Bait and Switch Tactics!

According to Wikipedia bait and switch is a form of fraud used in retail sales but also employed in other contexts.  Customers are baited by merchants advertising products or services at a low price, only to discover later that the price is different, or the products or services are not available.

Does this happen in the insurance industry?

You betcha.

We have heard from other agencies in different states that Bait and Switch is becoming somewhat common either because of greed or incompetence.

So if you are looking for cheap rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Washington State buyer beware!

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation in which bait and switch could occur.

Example:  Greg Hamilton owns H&H Towing and is quite successful.  H&H Towing owns nine trucks and employing nine full-time drivers.

Greg is paying around $100,000 per year for his towing insurance and on his renewal he receives a $12,000 per year rate increase.

Because he’s not thrilled with his current agent he decides to shop around.   He finds a company willing to insure his business for $71,000 per year and buys a Commercial Towing Insurance Package from Slippery Pete.

Greg can’t believe his good luck.  He jumps at the chance to save over 30% on his Washington State Tow Truck Insurance and signs up immediately and cancels his old policy.

After about three weeks Greg receives his policy and files it away along with his other important documents without a glance at the documents.

Two weeks later Greg receives a bill in the mail from his new insurance company and the monthly payment appears to be much more than what they should be.

Greg immediately calls Slippery Pete to learn why the bill is more than expected. Slippery Pete promises Greg he will check into the billing error immediately because it must be a mistake.

A few days go by with no word from Slippery Pete.

Greg calls back and speaks with a different agent because Slippery Pete no longer works for the agency.

The new agent, Honest Abe, looks up the account and let’s Greg know that the payment appears to be correct. 

“It looks like there was an adjustment on your policy, your policy was issued at $71,000 per year, but there was a mistake on the quote and your new rate is $117,580”.

Greg is very upset.

What are his options?  We’ll consider that in our next article.

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