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Covering Gaps on Tow Truck Insurance in Washington State.

There are a large number of different insurance options for tow truck drivers. How can you be sure what is right for you?

If you do not have the right options you could be facing costly gaps in your insurance protection.

For instance are you covered for Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance?

If not, you may have a gaps in your insurance plan if you keep or store customer vehicles even for a short period of time.

How would Washington State Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance protect your business?

Let’s consider a claim scenario.

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance Washington State – How This Helps Towing Companies. 

Corey owns an auto repair garage with 2 tow trucks. He employs five mechanics full time. He also has a gated lot in the back of his garage where he stores customer vehicles.

His renewal policy is mailed to his business and it looks like his rates have increased again. 

Corey forgot about the $50,000 claim his insurance company paid six months ago when one of his wreckers slammed into the back of a minivan towing a customer vehicle.

So he decides to shop online for new Washington State Tow Truck Insurance.

One company in particular seemed to have a really good rate and he decides to switch his insurance to this company. This company advertises extensively on TV and he had no idea they sold insurance to Garages and Towing Companies.

As Corey was doing the quotes online one of the options listed is something called Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance. 

He glosses over the coverage because he really didn’t see the point in purchasing this particular coverage so he skips it figuring he would never use it, so why pay for it?

After purchasing his policy online he feels rather proud of himself for being able to navigate the complexities of insurance all by himself and he saves $1297.

All without the help of an agent.

A few weeks after his insurance policy is activated with the new company a group of hooligans decide they want to have a bit of midnight fun in the back lot of Corey’s Garage.

They smash windows, flatten tires with screwdrivers, and key up every single vehicle stored at Corey’s Garage.

Corey received a telephone call Saturday morning from one of his employees to let him know about the vandalism and he heads down to his garage.

He calls the police and contacts his insurance company to file a claim.  

The claims adjuster rudely tells him over the telephone that he did not purchase Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance so he will need to pay the damages out of pocket.

All told the vandals caused over $36,500 worth of damages.

Corey pays for the vandalism damage out of pocket, cancels the insurance policy that he purchased online, and goes back to his previous agent only to discover (to his dismay) that he was covered for Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance by his previous company who would’ve paid the claim in full after his deductible.

Saving $1297 cost Corey nearly $37,000 in out-of-pocket expenses!

Commercial Tow Truck Insurance Washington State – Make Sure You Buy the Right Coverage! 

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