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Tow Truck Insurance Tacoma WaNeed the best rates on tow truck insurance in Tacoma or the surrounding areas?

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We offer great rates and coverage for Tow Truck Insurance in Washington State.

Tow Truck Insurance in Washington State is Sky-high!

Business insurance rates for tow truck insurance in Washington State can seem particularly large, especially if you are a startup company.

Even if you are a well stablished company your commercial tow truck insurance takes a big chunk from your operating budget.

How can you save money on your trucking insurance?

One step is to shop around.  As a leading independent agency we can shop the market for your company and this will not only save you time, but money.

However there is something we would like to warn you about as you are looking for better options.

Sometimes companies or agents will use bait and switch tactics to gain your business.

In a previous article you can read about by clicking here we discussed a situation whereas Greg Hamilton, owner of H&H towing, decided to switch his insurance to a new company after he was promised a nearly $40,000 per your savings on his tow truck insurance.

Well things didn’t go quite the way Greg planned.   Let’s consider the rest of the story.

This Is How Bait and Switch Works Might Happen to You.

Greg’s previous insurance company raised his rates by about $12,000 for the year and he decided to shop around and met up with a character named Slippery Pete who promised a $40,000 per year savings if he switched his insurance to his company.

Greg took advantage of the huge savings and was quite shocked to receive a bill in the mail for a lot more than what Slippery Pete quoted him.

Greg called to speak with Slippery Pete and he promised to check into this billing error. Greg calls back a few days later to speak with Slippery Pete only to discover he was fired from the company for undisclosed reasons.

The new agent Greg was dealing with explained there was a mistake on the original quote Slippery Pete completed and the original price of $71,000 was increased to $117,580.  Evidently Slippery Pete misquoted the account and left off a number of different coverage options and misclassified the types of trucks owned by Greg.

Greg was naturally very upset.   He was promised a $40,000 savings and now the new rate is over $7000 higher than what his previous company was charging.

Honest Abe, the new agent, commiserates with Greg but tells him there’s nothing he can do to reduce the premiums.

What are Greg’s options?  He calls his previous agent, Tom, and asked him to complete new quotes, but the best rate Greg qualified for now is the $117,580 price they have from the company Slippery Pete placed Greg’s company with.

Greg may have just become the victim of Bait and Switch Insurance Quoting.

Slippery Pete lured Greg in with an exceptional good rate on his Washington State Tow Truck Insurance and he took the bait… hook, line, and sinker.

Now he’s stuck paying $7000 more.

In our next article will consider how to avoid this type of situation in the future.

Tow Truck Insurance Tacoma Wa- Same Day Rates & Coverage!

You can trust the licensed agents of Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers. We never use bait and switch tactics to earn your business.  We are looking for long-term relationships, not one that ends right before the policy renews.

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