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Is Your Towing Company in Compliance with Washington State Registration?

The Washington State Department of licensing makes available online the registered tow truck operator’s manual that you can receive by clicking WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING.

It is certainly a good idea to be familiar with compliance issues as they can impact your ability to operate as a company in Washington State.

For instance are you receiving the required Authorization to impound form?  Please note the requirements under Washington State Law:

The person requesting a private impound, or a law enforcement officer or public official requesting a public impound, must provide a signed authorization for impound, at the time and place of the impound to the registered tow truck operator before the operator may proceed with the impound.

A registered tow truck operator, employee, or his or her agent may not serve as an agent of a property owner for the purposes of signing an impound authorization or, independent of the property owner, identify a vehicle for impound.

When not in compliance with a private impound please note the liability incurred by the towing operator:

(3) In the case of a private impound, the impound authorization shall include the following statement: “A person authorizing this impound, if the impound is found in violation of chapter 46.55 RCW, may be held liable for the costs incurred by the vehicle owner.”

Having proper documentation is also important notice this additional compliance rule:

4) A registered tow truck operator shall record and keep in the operator’s files the date and time that a vehicle is put in the operator’s custody and released. The operator shall make an entry into a master log regarding transactions relating to impounded vehicles. The operator shall make this master log available, upon request, to representatives of the department or the state patrol.

It is important to keep up to date with laws as they pertain to towing companies even if your towing service is incidental to your business.

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Keeping your Tow Truck Insurance Spokane Wa Rates Low!  

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