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Tow Truck Insurance Seattle

Looking for Tow Truck Insurance in Seattle? Look no further than Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers. We are an independent insurance agency located in Washington State, and we can help you with the coverage you need! 

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Insurance can be quite confusing, wouldn’t you agree? Because of this, we like to use claim scenarios to help our policyholders, and even those not yet insured with us, to better understand how insurance works, what it covers, and most importantly, what it does not cover

Let’s consider a fictitious claims scenario involving a driver falling asleep behind the wheel.

Seattle Tow Truck Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 1 

Jeffrey drives a Tow Truck for Zeef Zoff’s Towing and Stowing. Just as he walked into the door to start his day he was dispatched to a customer who had broken down on the freeway south of downtown Seattle and needed their car towed to the nearest auto repair shop. 

Jeffrey had a bit of a wild night out with his friends the night before and was only able to squeeze in a few hours of sleep, so he is REALLY tired. He needs coffee – and lots of it – to make it through the day. 

He drove his truck south on I-5 where the customer’s disabled vehicle sat in the emergency lane with its emergency lights flashing. Jeffrey pulls in front of the disabled car and begins hooking up the car to prepare it for transport. 

Jeffrey has been in the towing business for over 10 years and has hooked up literally thousands of vehicles, so even in his exhausted state this is something he can almost do with his eyes closed.

After only a few minutes, Jeffrey is transporting the customer’s car to the closest auto repair shop. 

Because Jeffrey had not had a chance to guzzle down any much needed caffeine, his eyes droop several times, causing him to veer off the highway onto the rumble strips. He is startled by the rumble of the strips, overcorrects his truck, and loses control. 

After he overcorrected, Jeffrey spun out sideways. His truck was struck by an oncoming Semi which took out the back half of his truck and the vehicle being transported. 

Even though Jeffrey and the customer walked away mostly unscathed, their vehicles did not. 

The Semi, tow truck, and the customer’s car were completely destroyed. 

Will Jeffrey’s Washington State Tow Truck Insurance cover the loss of his truck? What about the loss of his customer’s car? 

Find out in our next post! 

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