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Marysville Wa Tow Truck Insurance  – Claims Scenario Conclusion 

In this article we will conclude our fictional claims scenario about John Paul and Ed’s tow truck drag race. 

Last time, John Paul and Ed managed to downplay their responsibility for the damage to the tow trucks by altering the story of what happened to the police and to their boss (never a good idea). 

Just when they thought they had gotten away with it all, however, they learned that not only had a video recording of their race had gone viral on the internet, catching them in their lie, but the insurance company had denied the claim for the damage to the vehicles. 

The ethics of telling the truth aside, why exactly did the insurance company deny the claim? 

Though John Paul and Ed were acting foolishly, the damage they caused was certainly accidental. 

The answer lies in the commercial auto insurance policy’s exclusions of coverage, which are provisions within a policy that revoke coverage for specified events – in this case, racing. Here is the pertinent line from the tow truck policy: 

6. We will not pay for loss caused by you or an insured participating in or preparing for a prearranged or organized racing, speed or demolition contest, stunting activity or performance contest. 

So there you have it. When the insurance company launched its investigation into the claim they quickly came across the cell phone video making the rounds on the internet, which clearly showed that the tow trucks had been damaged in a prearranged race or stunting activity. 

As a result, the towing company is forced to pay for the damage out-of-pocket. 

After being fired for their recklessness and dishonesty, John Paul and Ed decide to consider taking up careers making internet videos. 

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