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Tow Truck Insurance Lakewood Wa – Outstandingly Low Prices! 

Tow Truck Insurance Lakewood WaNeed Tow Truck Insurance in Lakewood Washington? 

Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers offers exceptionally low rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Lakewood Wa and all of the neighboring areas. Programs are available for Towing Services, Repair Garages, Body Shops, Car Dealerships, and much more. 

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Tow Truck Insurance Lakewood Wa – What Other Types of Coverage Exist? 

Throughout the state, a Business Auto Insurance Policy is required to operate any type of vehicle for business purposes. 

If you own a Garage, Car Dealership, or a Tow Only Service Business you likely already have some form of Commercial Auto Insurance built into your overall insurance package. 

But did you know that there exist several additional types of coverage for commercial vehicles that, though not necessarily mandatory, can be extremely important for your financial security?

For example, Tow Truck Operations can benefit greatly from investing in On Hook Coverage, which extends coverage to un-owned vehicles being towed by the Tow Truck in the event of damage to the customer vehicle. 

As the name implies, On Hook Coverage extends coverage up to the limit you select when your customer’s vehicle is damaged while you are towing said vehicle. 

The types of perils covered by On Hook Coverage can vary, and we will discuss that in more detail in a future article, but suffice to say that if a customer’s vehicle is damaged while being towed (or “on the hook”), without On Hook Coverage you will be responsible for said damage to the customer’s vehicle. 

Another example is Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance, which protects your business financially from damage to un-owned vehicles while they are on your business’ premises and in your care. 

This type of coverage is especially useful for companies who often hold customer vehicles on lots, such as towing and repair shops or even impound lots. 

We will likewise discuss Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance in a future article as there are three different versions of this coverage you can purchase. 

Purchasing the wrong Garage Legal Liability Insurance can leave you in hot water with your customer!

Lakewood Wa Tow Truck Insurance – Find Out More About Your Coverage.

The coverage types mentioned above are just a few examples of additional coverage for Tow Truck Insurance in Lakewood Washington.

To learn more about the appropriate coverage for your specific needs call our office at 800-228-8291 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM or click below to launch our simple online quote submission request form: