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Kennewick Wa Tow Truck Insurance – Understanding Your Policy Is a Vital Step!

As was mentioned in a previous article we are going to take time to explore certain exclusions of coverage within the Washington State Commercial Auto Insurance Policy and provide fictitious claim scenarios to help business owners understand what may, or may not be covered by your Commercial Insurance Policy.

Exclusions of coverage are specific situations spelled out in the fine print of your policy that are explicitly excluded from coverage.

You may recall that we listed a number of different exclusions from one Commercial Auto Insurance Policy.

For example losses or claims resulting from acts of war and nuclear radiation were just a few of the claim events that would not be covered. 

Hopefully our business will not suffer loss due to war or radiation. Let’s examine, in a fictitious account, how some exclusions could occur in the real world.

Kennewick Wa Tow Truck Insurance – Claims Scenario.

John Paul and his coworker Ed are lifelong best friends. They still reminisce about their glory days as high school hooligans and pranksters. Even now, at the age of thirty two, they still get into mischief now and then.

Perhaps it was inevitable that they would end up working together as drivers for the same towing company.

One breezy Tuesday afternoon, while towing his third vehicle of the day, John Paul starts to get antsy. It’s far too quiet today, he thinks to himself. I think it’s time to shake things up a bit.

He calls up his dispatcher and asks for Ed’s current location – for business purposes, of course, John Paul implies.

The dispatcher informs him that Ed has just finished dropping off a vehicle and is in route to a burger joint for some lunch.

Perfect, thinks John Paul.

As Ed exits the fast food restaurant parking lot, John Paul pulls up next to him and signals for Ed to follow him.

John Paul leads Ed to a wide, unused gravel utility road.

John Paul lines up at the beginning of the road and waits. Ed pulls up next to him.

Without exchanging any words, Ed knows exactly what his buddy is thinking.

John Paul holds up three fingers, then two, then one…

Stop by next time for the second part of this claims scenario.

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