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Auburn Wa Tow Truck Insurance – Understanding the Fine Print is Important – Part 2. 

This week we continue our series on the importance of knowing and understanding your policy, particularly with concern for what are called exclusions of coverage. 

Exclusions of coverage are specific situations spelled out in the language of your policy that are explicitly excluded from coverage. Let’s return to our claims scenario to see how knowing your policy’s exclusions can help you avoid financial trouble down the road. 

Tow Truck Insurance Auburn Wa – Claims Scenario Part Two. 

In our last article we left off as John Paul and Ed, two long time best pals, are about to race each other in the big tow trucks they operate.

John Paul holds up three fingers, then two, then one… 

And they’re off. John Paul and Ed shift into gear and peel down the service road as fast as their massive diesel engines can pull them. An onlooker whips out her cell phone to record the awe-inspiring display; how often do you see two tow trucks doing 80 down a straightaway? 

It looks like Ed might pull out the win, but at the last moment John Paul gives her everything she’s got and inches ahead by a nose. The glory is short lived, however, as he drifts a little too close to Ed and scrapes up against Ed’s tow truck.

The brief collision takes off the side view mirror and leaves deep gashes in the doors’ metal. John Paul and Ed instinctively jerk their vehicles away, but at such high speeds they overcompensate and run themselves right off the road. 

John Paul crashes into a tree and Ed smashes into a ditch. 

Meanwhile, the passerby with the phone uploads her video to the internet.

Stop by next time for part three of this claims scenario. 

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