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In our previous article we posed the question of what happens when an insurance applicant provides false information on their insurance application; in theory, it could save you money on your premiums but, besides being dishonest, is it worth the risk? 

Let’s look at the fictional story of Connie “The Con Artist” Stewart to learn what can happen when you falsify your information on your insurance application: 

Tow Truck Insurance Oregon — Insurance Scenario Part 1 

Connie “The Con Artist” Stewart is known by some to be rather unscrupulous and excessively tight with her money. 

She is the owner of Flim Flam Recovery Inc., a towing operation that primarily does repossession work for lending institutions. 

Connie is looking for a better deal on her commercial insurance for her three tow trucks. She currently pays a fortune and is looking for ways to cut her expenses. 

It’s a well-known fact that most insurance companies offering insurance for Tow Truck Drivers in Oregon shy away from insuring towing operations who specialize in repo work. 

Some companies will not even insure a towing operation that derives more than 10% of their yearly business to repo work, and still other companies will not insure towing operations that do any amount of repo. 

Insurance companies specializing in repo insurance charge quite a bit more for repo coverage than a typical for-hire tow truck insurance policy for obvious reasons.

Repo work is Connie’s bread and butter, so she decides to tell what she considers a “little white lie” in her efforts to cut her premiums. 

She gets a quote from one insurance company that would cut her premiums in half and she definitely wants the policy. 

Her new agent, Naïve Nick, is going over the paperwork with Connie over the telephone. 

The agent asks Connie whether she engaged in any amount of repo work. 

Connie says, “Absolutely not.” 

“Why is your company called Flim Flam Recovery Inc.? It seems like this would be a name for a repo company, Connie,” the agent asks. 

“Well, at one point we did a little bit a repo work but now we are offering roadsides assistance.” 

“Okay, I’ll get the application together for you and I’ll shoot it over to you by email. Sign in the indicated areas and we can take your down payment by credit card.” 

“Sounds good,” Connie replies, hanging the phone up. 

On the insurance application, she checks “no” for the question asking whether her business does any repossession work.  

Flim Flam Recovery Inc. keeps a pretty low profile. They do not have a website and have very little in the way of public information about them, other than a telephone number and address. 

Connie knows that, short of sending an underwriter to tail one of her employees, the insurance company will have a hard time finding out whether or not her business is involved in repo work. 

As far as Connie can tell, she just saved herself $7,812 for the year. She should’ve thought about this years ago! What could go wrong? 

Next time, we’ll see whether her scheme works and what the repercussions will be. 

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