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Non Trucking Liability Insurance Washington State

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Non Trucking Liability Insurance Washington State – Insurance Scenario Part 3 

This week we return to a scenario featuring a truck driver named Bernie. 

To refresh your memory, Bernie is cross-country trucker who hauls freight for a national transportation firm. 

Our story takes place while he is on his day off, however. 

You may remember that Bernie’s personal automobile had broken down, so he decided to drive his big rig to the grocery store that day. 

Things took a turn for the worst, though, when Bernie absent-mindedly drove his semi into the grocery store parking lot while a construction crew was in the middle of repaving the blacktop. 

The intense heat of the freshly laid asphalt blew out Bernie’s tires and even caused the fuel tank to catch fire! 

Thankfully everyone was able to move a safe distance away before the resulting explosion. 

We already established in a previous article that Bernie’s Non Trucking Legal Liability Insurance covered him for the loss of his truck, but what about damage to the parking lot? 

Is he responsible for that, and if so, would it also be covered by his Non Trucking legal Liability Insurance policy? 

The answer is most likely yes.

You see, WA Non Trucking Liability Insurance provides coverage not only for physical damage to the vehicle while operating in a non-business capacity, but also for property damage caused while operating in a non-business capacity. 

So although it was a big mistake for Bernie to drive onto fresh asphalt, and though the damage to his vehicle and to the parking lot was extensive to say the least, it would be covered by his insurance policy up to his available limits. 

But what if the situation had been ever so slightly different? What if Bernie happened to be using his truck to help out a buddy in exchange for some gas money? Would he still be covered? 

We’ll answer that question in a future article. 

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