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Spokane Non Trucking Liability Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 4

In our previous article, we concluded the fictional insurance coverage scenario that followed a cross-country trucker named Bernie.

The focus of that article and the two articles that preceded it was on whether or not his commercial truck would be covered by his insurance company for damage that was sustained while Bernie was not on the job.

To recap, Bernie’s personal automobile had broken down, so he was using his big rig to run some errands while on his day off.

He somehow managed to drive into a parking lot where hot asphalt was being freshly laid, and the intense heat caused his tires – and eventually his engine – to catch fire.

The resulting explosion destroyed his truck and damaged the grocery store parking lot.

In those articles, we learned that the damage to the truck and to the parking lot was indeed covered by Bernie’s Washington State Non Trucking Liability Insurance Policy up to his available limits.

But there is more that we can learn from Bernie and his rig. Let’s rewind the scenario a bit and make a few small changes…

While Bernie is relaxing and enjoying his day off, he gets a phone call from his buddy, Frank.

“What’s up, Bernie?”  Frank greets him.

“Wazzup Frankie my boy?” Bernie replies.

“I wanted to see if you could help me out? I found this guy on Craigslist that sold me all the furniture in his house because he is moving out of the country and he needed it gone right away. I made him an offer and he accepted it. The furniture is A1 but I got it for pennies on the dollar, Bernie. You just won’t believe how good his stuff is. I just have one small problem…” Frank trails off.

“You need my truck and trailer to get everything.” Bernie finishes.

“You got it, man. We can sell this stuff at the flea market, no problem, for several thousand dollars. I’ll split it with you if you help me get it with your truck and trailer and store it in my garage.”

“I’m in. I’ll come pick you up right now.”

Bernie hangs up the phone and heads over to Franks in his Truck after first hitching his flatbed trailer to his truck.

Let’s find out what happens next time in Part 5.

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