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Hot Shot Trucking Insurance Washington State

If you run Hot Shot Trucking deliveries then you are undoubtedly a busy person. So why not let us go to work for you?

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Hot Shot Trucking Insurance Washington State – Insurance Scenario Part 1

Jane is a Hot Shot Trucker, 30 years of age, single, and has ZERO patience for traffic jams. She is in the process of delivering her cargo – three sports cars – across the state to one of those weekend car shows. 

While traveling on the highway, traffic comes to a virtual standstill. She looks at her traffic app, and according to WAZE traffic is moving at about 1 mile per hour for the next 20 miles! 

Jane is going to be SUPER LATE! 

She needs to get the cars delivered on time, but traffic is still crawling after 45 minutes. As she nears the scene of the accident, she notices the police have set up orange cones to direct traffic into the grass on the right side of the road so cars can go around the wreckage. 

Now Jane is behind schedule big time. If she does not deliver her cars before 6 PM this evening she can kiss her just-on-time bonus goodbye, and she NEEDS the extra money to make her condo payment this month. 

As soon as she gets past all of the road congestion she floors it! The pedal is mashed to the metal and she is off to the races.  

Unbeknownst to Jane, about 37 miles ahead of the accident that caused her to lose so much time, two aspiring hoodlums who go by the names Biff and Baff are up to some very dangerous mischief. The two decide it might be cool to see some high speed tire blow outs on the highway, and they bet other people would want to see them, too. 

So, in their infinite wisdom the two use their phones to stream the action live on Facebook. 

They throw out about two dozen mini stop sticks across the highway lanes and wait for the action to begin. 

The first car up is actually a pretty good sized truck hauling some sports cars…

“Let’s see what happens!” Biff and Baff proclaim to their Facebook audience. 

Jane doesn’t see the mini stop sticks, as they are intentionally designed to be nearly invisible. As she rolls over them she immediately hears several loud BOOMS in quick succession as all of her tires are instantly punctured! 

Jane’s truck veers left, out of control, and crashes into the concrete median. Her truck then jackknifes and rolls over along with the trailer and three sports cars worth oodles of money. 

In her shocked state, Jane’s first thought is, “What the heck just happened?”

Her second thought is “Will my insurance pay for this?” 

We will address that question in our next article. 

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