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Hot Shot Insurance Seattle Washington

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Hot Shot Insurance Seattle Washington —Insurance Scenario Part 2

In part 1 of our Hot Shot Truck Insurance scenario, Jane was hauling three very expensive sports cars to a weekend car show when she became the victim of Biff and Baff, two wannabe social media stars. 

Biff and Baff decided to cause cars to have tire blowouts on the highway by throwing two dozen mini stop sticks, which are commonly used by the police to stop fleeing criminals. 

In their infinite wisdom, Biff and Baff also decide to stream the devastation live on Facebook.  Since Biff and Baff created their Facebook accounts using aliases they assumed they would get away with the little shenanigans they planned. 

Well, Jane was the first and only victim of their stunt. 

When all of her tires were completely blown out after running over the stop sticks she loses control of her truck. It jackknifes, blocking the entire highway, and the three sports cars worth around $350,000 are completely destroyed. 

The highway is shut down for several hours due to the cleanup process and the police find the stop sticks.  Naturally Biff and Baff fled the scene prior to the police showing up but the police quickly begin a criminal investigation. 

Meanwhile, Biff and Baff’s video on Facebook goes viral. Within ten days their video has had over 100 million views on Facebook, not counting views from hijacked copies of the video uploaded to YouTube. 

Biff and Baff are famous. Mission accomplished! 

Their fame is also quickly noticed by law enforcement, which we will learn more about in a future post. 

Almost immediately after the accident the uninjured but stunned Jane’s first thought was “What the heck just happened?” but her second thought was “will my commercial auto insurance pay for this?”

Initially, Jane had no idea that she ran over stop sticks. 

Naturally, what happened would not be fully understood until much later, but the more important question to be answered is will Jane’s commercial auto insurance policy pay for the claim? 

Let’s break it down. 

Jane had liability coverage in the amount of $1 million, plus physical damage coverage to protect her truck and trailer, plus cargo coverage for vehicles she was transporting. 

Because Jane did not cause the accident and her truck or cargo did not damage any other property Jane’s liability insurance would not provide any coverage because there was not any damage or injuries to other parties.

Jane’s truck is a different story. Fortunately she is covered by her physical damage coverage. Jane receives a settlement offer from her insurance company for her totaled truck and trailer. 

What about cargo coverage?  Cargo coverage is for the specific purpose of protecting vehicles that are being transported. 

Three sports cars with a combined value of $350,000 were destroyed. 

How does cargo coverage come into play for this accident? We will learn the answer to this question in our next article. 

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