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Cargo Truck Insurance Washington State – Recap

In the previous entries of our Cargo Insurance scenario, a truck driver named Jane was hauling three very expensive sports cars to a weekend car show when she fell victim to a couple of hooligans named Biff and Baff. 

In an attempt to gain internet fame, Biff and Baff spread dozens of stop sticks all across a section of highway with the intention of filming any tire blowouts they caused. 

Jane was destined to be their first and only victim. She drove over the stop sticks while going way over the speed limit, causing all of her tires to blow out. 

She lost control of the wheel and crashed, sending the three sports cars she was carrying tumbling off the trailer into crumpled heaps. 

All told, the damage is easily in excess of $350,000.  

Jane had $1 million in liability coverage, physical damage coverage for her truck and trailer, and also cargo coverage for the three cars she was transporting.  

Unfortunately, her liability insurance did not cover anything because she did not cause the accident and her vehicle did not cause damage to any other property. In other words, Jane is not liable for any of the damage, so her liability insurance did not apply. 

However, in our last episode we learned that Jane’s truck is in fact protected by her comprehensive and collision coverage, so she was given a nice settlement offer by her insurance company for the destroyed truck and trailer.

But what about those expensive sports cars? Well, now that we’re all caught up we can address the question posed last time: 

How does cargo coverage come into play for this accident?

Cargo coverage refers to inland marine insurance that covers property being transported, and the coverage and exclusions vary depending on the cargo being transported. 

Most shippers require higher amounts of cargo coverage than the federal and state legal minimums one needs to purchase, usually in the ballpark of $100,000 or more.

The good news is that Jane does indeed have cargo insurance on the sports cars she was transporting. 

The bad news is that in order to save money she only purchased the minimum amount required, which was $100,000. 

The combined damage done to the three cars was over $350,000, meaning Jane may be on the hook to pay the remaining $250,000 out of pocket. 

Technically, Biff and Baff are 100% responsible for the wreck and all of the damages, yet Jane is now herself in a big pickle financially. She presses her insurance company and local law enforcement to dig a little deeper to see what can be found out. 

Jane is probably going to be sued for the difference between what her company paid and what the value of the vehicles actually were. 

We will learn more details about this in future articles and we will also find out if Biff and Baff will get the justice they well deserve. 

What is the lesson here? Make sure you purchase an amount of insurance adequate to cover your losses! 

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Cargo coverage can be tricky. As we stated earlier, the policies, exclusions, and amounts vary based on the commodity being transported. If you have questions about cargo coverage, expeditors insurance, or anything else related to Truck Insurance in Washington State, then please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-228-8291 today. 

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