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Landlord Insurance Salem Oregon – Coverage Scenario Part 10

In our last episode, Buck woke his friend Scoot from his peaceful slumber and informed him, with urgency, that the excessive rainfall is causing the town to flood and that his store’s merchandise is all sitting in a warehouse right next to the river.

Scoot and Buck threw some clothes on as fast as they could and made their way out to the cars. Already, they could see that more than an inch of water had accumulated in Scoot’s driveway, and parts of the road were even more submerged.

Over the sound of the rain, Buck yells for Scoot to follow him. The two jump into their cars and take off.

Their car tires cut blades of water out of the shallow pools in the road as the two hurry toward the other side of town.

The first few minutes do not present much difficulty, but then they reach a dip in the road.

The lowest point in the dip looks like a bowl of murky water. Buck can tell that the water is much deeper than what they have come across so far, but he can’t tell just how deep it really is.

He pauses at the top of the hill for a moment, but he knows that any other route to the warehouse will cost him far too much time.

He goes for it. The water is deeper even than he anticipated, but he manages to make it through.

In his rear-view mirror, he watches as Scoot makes the descent.

What will happen to Scoot? Will Buck make it to the warehouse in time? Find out next time.

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