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Landlord Insurance Portland Oregon – Coverage Scenario Part 8

Previously in our continuing coverage example, which can be accessed by clicking on Landlord Insurance Kennewick Wa, Buck and his friends wrapped up their celebratory meal and headed home amidst the heavy downpour that promised, mercifully, to douse the roaring flames that had been threatening to destroy parts of the town.

Buck slept peacefully that night. The next morning, he turned on the TV to find out if the rain had done its job. To his elation, the television news anchors confirmed that it had, in fact, almost completely put out the fire, with firefighters making short work of the remaining flames here and there.

When he looked outside that morning, though, he noticed that the rain did not seem to be letting up at all.

Large puddles and pools have begun to form in the streets and lawns and sidewalks throughout Buck’s friend’s neighborhood.

What a lousy day to start moving all my stuff back to the store, Buck thinks to himself.

While he looks out the window, the TV continues to chatter in the living room nearby.

Buck isn’t really paying it any attention at this point, but two words spoken by the local news anchor catch Buck’s attention and cause his hair to stand on end: Flash flood.

Buck lunges for the remote control and turns up the volume to better hear the broadcast.

Instead of covering the dwindling forest fire, the coverage has switched over to another story. Chet Dennings, the slick-haired and mustachioed lead meteorologist for the local weather team, delivers the details over the dull roar of the falling rain outside.

“If you’re just joining us, I’m Chet Dennings with Weather Team 6, and believe it or not, I am standing just 20 yards or so in front of 127th street on the western edge of town.”

Chet motions to what looks like a small lake behind him.

“As you can see,” he continues, “the road is completely submerged as a result of flash flooding that is expected to continue for the rest of the day, at least. If you or someone you know are near low elevation areas, especially areas near bodies of water, we urge you to take precautions to-“

Without waiting to hear another word, Buck bolts out of the living room and begins pounding on his friend’s door to wake him up.

Find out what happens next for Buck in Part 9, which you can read here: Portland Oregon Landlord Insurance.

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