Landlord Insurance Kirkland Wa

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Landlord Insurance Kirkland Wa

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Kirkland Landlord Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 2

In Part 1 of our latest coverage scenario, which you can read by clicking on Spokane Valley Landlord Insurance, we were introduced to Buck, the owner of a clothing and decorations store named Buck’s Clothing and Decorations.

In that entry, we learned that a large forest fire has broken out within the national forest that borders the strip mall where Buck’s establishment is located.

Though at first it appeared they were out of the fire’s path, Buck and the rest of the store owners later learned that the fire was now moving straight for their businesses.

Not wanting to risk losing his livelihood and everything he’s worked so hard for, Buck makes the decision to move his merchandise out of harm’s way.

With the help of a few close friends, Buck gets to work packing up his entire store inventory.

What does he intend to do? Find out in Part 3: Kirkland Wa Landlord Insurance.

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