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Commercial Property Insurance Hillsboro OR – Part 16: The Story Thus Far…

In this entry into our ongoing series, we want to pause the story in order to do a recap of everything that has happened so far, as well as remind our readers why we are telling this multi-part story in the first place.

The purpose of this story is to offer an example to demonstrate why it is so vitally important to read and understand your insurance policies.

Here’s what has transpired so far in our fictional scenario:

Buck is a clothing and decoration store owner. His store is creatively titled “Buck’s Clothing and Decorations.”

A massive forest fire threatened to burn his store to the ground, so Buck enlisted the help of a few friends to quickly move his store’s merchandise to another location across town. The storage location is a warehouse by a river. The warehouse is owned by another one of Buck’s friends.

Buck and his comrades watched the news nervously for updates on the wildfire, and they rejoiced when heavy rains rolled in and doused the fire, allowing the firefighters to finally put it out once and for all.

Their celebrations turned to renewed anxiety, though, when the heavy rains continued to fall all night, resulting in major flooding.

Realizing that the warehouse currently holding his store’s stock is located right next to a river, Buck knows it’s only a matter of time before the river overflows and floods the building.

Buck and a friend set out in their cars to try to reach the warehouse and relocate the merchandise once again before it’s too late.

Buck’s friend’s car stalled out after he drove through high water, so Buck continued on his journey alone.

Buck could only get so far by car before the flooded river impeded his progress. He managed to find a row boat tied to a submerged dock and began paddling the rest of the way to the warehouse.

Unable to enter through the locked front door, he instead climbed in through an open window that he was able to reach by standing in the boat.

He fell in through the window and landed in several feet of water.

Once he got his bearings, he quickly became aware that the objects floating around him are his clothing and decorations store’s merchandise.

And that’s where we left off. What will happen next? Find out in part 17.

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