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Bellingham Landlord Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 4

Last time, Buck and a few of his close friends spent an entire day packing up every last bit of inventory in Buck’s store, Buck’s Clothing and Decorations.

Over the course of three separate trips, Buck and his friends manage to transport everything to a safe location across town, Buck’s friend Paul’s warehouse, some 20 miles away for temporary safekeeping until the threat of the wildfire has passed.

In the meantime, they have been keeping their eyes on the television news coverage of the fire for updates.

Buck and his friends decide to get dinner together after their long, hot, grueling day of moving inventory.

At the restaurant, Buck remains fixated on the televisions. Local and national news coverage from multiple networks run on several TVs, documenting the spread of the fire and firefighters’ attempts to stop it from reaching civilization.

So far, the fire’s trajectory continues to take it directly toward Buck’s place of business.

That night Buck stays at a friend’s house since his own home is too close to the path of the forest fire.

All he can do as he lays there in bed is hope that, by some miracle, Buck’s Clothing and Decorations is still standing when he wakes up the next morning.

Will Buck’s Clothing and Decorations survive? Find out in Part 5: Landlord Insurance Bellingham Wa.

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