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As an insurance provider for the medical and recreational cannabis industries from the beginning, we have the extensive experience and coverage options you need to protect your growing business, from liability to income, inventory, and buildings.

Insurance that grows as the industry evolves.

Legal marijuana businesses are a new and controversial sector, but they are businesses nonetheless and operators can get real benefits from specialized insurance policies. In fact, our agency has been insuring marijuana producers, growers, processors, retailers, and clinics since cannabis was first legalized. We also represent the top companies to bring you the best coverage options for medical marijuana insurance and recreational marijuana distributor insurance.

Risks related to cannabis businesses.

As with any business, you’ll need to protect your property against damage from risks such as fire and theft. Check carefully to make sure your products are covered in transit, such as between a cannabis farm and a storage facility. It’s also worth looking at coverage that pays out for lost income and profits rather than simply the cost of the raw materials.

Liability coverage options.

Liability issues are also important in marijuana insurance. This includes general liability insurance that protects against incidents such as a visitor to your facility being injured and product liability insurance that kicks in if you are sued over your products.

Policies for medical and recreational cannabis.

You’ll need to check policy conditions carefully. Often it’s a condition of the insurance that you comply with all local laws, regulations, and licensing. Note that the insurance conditions for medical cannabis may differ from those for recreational cannabis. No matter what specific coverage you need, we have the solutions to best accommodate and are your go-to source for marijuana insurance.

Specialized solutions for all marijuana businesses.

When it comes to protecting your cannabis business or your business that relies on the cannabis industry, we’ve got you covered. We offer specialty insurance options for marijuana producers and growers, marijuana processors, recreational marijuana retailers, medical marijuana retailers and clinics, as well as landlord insurance for buildings where these businesses are located.

Marijuana insurance is still a relatively new industry, but you can still get comprehensive coverage tailored to your business. Our primary focus is in Washington, Oregon, and California, but we offer marijuana insurance across the country in states where medical or recreational marijuana is legalized. To find out more about the risks you need to cover, contact us today.

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