Shellfish Insurance Delaware

Shellfish Insurance Delaware – Better Rates and Coverage! 

Shellfish Insurance Delaware

Better rates and coverage for Shellfish Farm Insurance in Delaware are available now!

Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers is a long-standing provider of insurance coverage for the shellfish and aquaculture industry throughout the United States. 

Our agents are available to provide free quotes weekdays before 5 PM PST at 1-800-228-8291. 

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Shellfish Insurance Delaware – What Do We Cover? 

Our Business Insurance Coverage for Delaware Shellfish Farms covers a wide range of risk for your operation. The specifics of your policy will depend on your business’ individual needs, but here is a basic overview of the available coverage: 

Property Coverage Protection 

There are three important elements to pay close attention to when insuring your business property: 

  1. The coverage forms
  2. The amount of coverage for your property (your policy limits)
  3. Whether you wish to schedule the property or opt for a blanket sum of insurance coverage 

Are you unsure about what would be best for your Shellfish Business’ needs? Then give our agents a call at 1-800-228-8291 and we’d be happy to go over the details with you. 

Liability Protection 

Much like other forms of commercial liability coverage, General Liability for Shellfish Farms provides protection for injuries and damage to property, so long as the claim situation is not one of the policy’s listed exclusions. 

To learn more about this coverage, the typical exclusions, and what sort of policy will best fit your business’ individual needs, contact us today at 1-800-228-8291. 

Commercial Auto 

Vehicles used for the purposes of a business, whether for hauling, transporting or anything related to your business, will in most cases require commercial auto insurance to be adequately covered. 

A personal auto insurance policy is not sufficient, as claims that take place while a personal vehicle is being used for business purposes are explicitly excluded by the vast majority of personal auto insurance policies. 

If you are in doubt about your need for a commercial auto insurance policy, contact our commercial auto insurance specialist by dialing 1-800-228-8291. 

Watercraft Coverage 

Just like land vehicles, boats and watercraft used for business purposes must also be covered by commercial boat insurance. 

Our commercial watercraft insurance policies can include liability coverage, insurance for your hull, and protection for equipment pertaining to your aquacultures. 

Call us today at 1-800-228-8291 to find out more about the coverage options available. 

When Looking for Aquaculture Insurance in Delaware, There’s No Better Agency! 

There’s no better place to find affordable rates and comprehensive coverage for Delaware Aquaculture Insurance than Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers. 

To learn how much you might save, why not give us a call right now? Our agents would be happy to help you with all your business insurance needs. 

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