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In a previous article we considered how 17-year-old Catherine turned left against oncoming traffic causing an accident leading to a debilitating neck injury to Erica’s daughter Jessica.

A lawsuit by Erica was filed against Catherine and her parents for $2 million due to the severity of injuries sustained by Jessica.

This question was raised in our previous article:

Can Erica sue for more than what the Simpsons carry on their personal automobile liability limits and be successful in their lawsuit?

Let’s find out as we continue our story.

How Much Can I Be Sued For?

After receiving the lawsuit papers the Simpsons notify their insurance claims adjuster about the lawsuit.

A letter is sent to the Simpsons shortly afterward advising them it would be in their best interest to hire separate legal counsel to defend against the lawsuit.

Confused by the letter the Simpsons ask for clarification when an attorney had already been provided by the insurance company to defend against the pending litigation.

The legal department of their insurance company advises that as soon as an offer is made to the plaintiffs for the policy limits of $300,000 the insurance company’s obligation to provide legal defense ends and Erica is free to continue in the litigation.

Policyholders May Be Held for Damages in Excess of Their Insurance Limits!

Regrettably the Simpsons can be held liable for damages in excess of their personal automobile policy limits of $500,000 and be forced to pay judgments not covered by insurance.

In our next article we will learn the final outcome of the Simpsons legal troubles and discuss an important service offered at Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers.

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