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What is the most important step you can take with your insurance?

When Shopping for Insurance in Lakewood Washington Analyze Your Needs. 

A common mistake made by policyholders is basing a purchasing decision exclusively on the price you pay for insurance.

Why is this a mistake?

You could inadvertently purchase the wrong kind or amount of coverage placing yourself in great financial jeopardy.

Let’s consider the following fictitious claim scenario to illustrate the importance of purchasing sufficient coverage to protect your financial assets.

John and Tammy Simpson are the proud parents of their youngest daughter Catherine, an honor roll student attending Capital High School. When Catherine turned 17 John and Tammy purchase a Chevy Impala for Catherine.

On a Tuesday morning Catherine is running late for school and as she approaches the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Cooper Point the light turns yellow.  Catherine speeds up to avoid the red light and makes a quick left turn on Cooper Point failing to see a mini van driven by Erica Sanchez traveling in the opposite direction.

Erica makes impact with Catherine’s Chevy Impala on the front passenger door causing both vehicles to be severely damaged.

Catherine, Erica and Erica’s son and daughter are all transported to the local hospital. Erica’s daughter Jessica sustained a serious debilitating neck injury.

Shortly after this accident occurs a lawsuit is filed by Erica and her husband naming Catherine and her parents in a $2 million lawsuit.

Can Erica sue for more than what the Simpsons carry on their personal automobile liability limits and be successful in their lawsuit?

We will consider this question in our next article. Click on How Much I Can Be Sued For to learn the answer.

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