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How Much Liability Coverage Should I Buy When Purchasing Automobile Insurance in Centralia Washington?

This is a very important question for you to consider.

The answer really depends on your financial circumstances. In a previous article we considered a car accident caused by Catherine Simpson leading to a serious injury and a lawsuit of $2 million filed against herself and her parents.

Eventually a judgment of $1,725,000 was assessed against the Simpsons of which $500,000 was paid by their car insurance policy which was the policy limit they had purchased.

What about the remaining $1.2 million where did that come from?

It came directly from the Simpsons, from stocks and bonds and other investments, including 10 different rental properties they owned that were liquidated to cover the judgment.

The Insurance Mistake Made by the Simpsons Was…

They did not buy a sufficient amount of coverage to cover their assets.

The Simpsons were practicing physicians and they had a significant net worth.

They believed the $500,000 limit of liability carried on their automobile insurance was sufficient to protect their financial assets because they were safe and careful drivers.

Unfortunately they were wrong.

Could this very situation happen to you?


Use Our Coverage Checklist to Protect Your Assets.

We at Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers have developed a coverage worksheet for active policyholders that can be used to help anyone better understand whether or not sufficient coverage is in place to protect your gross assets.

It’s an important tool. If the Simpsons had used this worksheet and followed up on the recommendations, it would’ve saved them the need to pay $1,250,000 out-of-pocket for the accident their daughter caused.

It’s vital that you take time to analyze your financial assets and determine if your current coverage limits are sufficient to protect your gross assets.

While it is true it is impossible to predict the future and to know with 100% certainty how much coverage you really need to buy there are some basic steps you can take to at least safeguard your gross assets.

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