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Seattle Washington Landlord Insurance

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Landlord Insurance Seattle – How Well Do You Understand Your Coverage?

In our previous article, which you can view by clicking Landlord Insurance Seattle, we demonstrated how choosing an insurance policy based solely on price and not having a strong understanding of your coverage can actually end up costing you more money down the road.

Let’s take another look at our friend Stevie Skeever and see what else we can learn from his landlord insurance misadventures.

Coverage Scenario Continued:

It has been several months since Stevie Skeever’s ordeal with the smoke damage to a room in one of his apartment complexes.

As December draws to a close, a number of tenants leave for several days to visit their families during the holidays. A few days before the New Year a bone-chilling cold front blows over Seattle, dropping the temperature in the city to well below freezing.

Stevie is woken up in the middle of the night by a call from his maintenance worker, and the news isn’t good.

Apparently, two separate water pipes burst in different floors of the apartment complex due to freezing. Because the tenants weren’t home, the water leaks were not discovered until the water began seeping out of the doors and dripping down to the rooms below.

Stevie rings in the New Year by filing an insurance claim for the substantial water damage.

“It better be covered this time,” he mutters to himself as he finalizes the claim.

Will it be covered? We’ll find out next time.

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