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Landlord Insurance Seattle – Which Type of Policy Best Fits Your Needs?

There are three different types of landlord insurance coverage available for purchase, and each type covers and excludes different types of claim events.

For instance you have Basic, Broad, and Special Landlord Coverage Forms.

As its name implies, Basic coverage provides the simplest breadth of protection.

In fact, it names only 6 to 10 or so specific perils that it covers, and everything else is excluded.

As an example, the basic policy may include named perils such as damage from fire or lightning, wind and hail, riots, smoke, and vandalism (vandalism may need to be endorsed, and some companies exclude vandalism caused by tenants).

To some property owners it might seem like plenty of coverage for their needs.

Let’s consider a common insurance scenario where the limits of basic coverage come into play.

Coverage Scenario:

Stevie Skeever owns a couple of apartment buildings, each with twelve units available for lease.

When renewing his insurance this year, Stevie decides to save a few bucks by reducing his landlord insurance to Basic Coverage.

Later that year a new tenant named Ralph moves into one of Stevie’s units. It quickly becomes clear to Stevie that Ralph is a chain smoker who blazes through six packs of cigarettes on a slow day.

Still, Ralph pays his rent in advance and is otherwise a pretty good tenant, so Stevie pays the smoking no mind.

Twelve months later Ralph’s lease is up. He decides not to renew and moves out. When Stevie first enters the unit he is hit by the heavy scent of cigarette smoke. The vents are coated in black residue, the walls are stained, and some of the appliances are beyond saving.

Stevie knows the necessary repairs will cost him at least $10,000. Then he has a thought.

He seems to recall that his insurance names smoke damage as a covered peril, so Stevie sends his insurance company a claim for the damage to the rental unit.

Will Stevie’s basic protection cover the cost of the repairs to the apartment caused by smoke damage? We’ll answer that question in our next post.

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