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Let’s now catch up on our fictitious account of Bob the Snob.

Landlord Insurance Lakewood Washington State — How Bob the Snob Felt He Got Robbed by His Insurance Company Part 8.

In part 7 we revealed how Bob found an agent, Named Slick Willie, who was willing to accommodate Bob’s ridiculous request to obtain insurance quotes on a 40-unit apartment building complex by providing virtually no information other than how much coverage he wanted on the complex he had inherited from his grandfather.

Every single agent Bob had called, prior to Slick Willie, in Bob’s opinion wanted too much information — Bob knew how much coverage he needed and that was that, case closed.

Slick Willie gave Bob what he wanted and he also stroked his immense ego. Slick Willie was formerly a used car salesman.

Bob settled on a price of $972 over the phone for the year on the coverage he requested and Slick Willie agreed to meet at Bob’s complex the next day.

If you recall when Bob met with the first insurance agent that he was referred to by the attorney that set up the LLC he got a quote of $7,850 and that agent, Ted Stone, in Bob’s opinion was trying to rip him off and now look at the results Bob thinks, “I got a rate almost 90% lower. What a smart negotiator I am proving to be!” Bob mused arrogantly.

“Watch out world,” Bob thinks.  “I will be to the real estate world what Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were to technology.”

Bob sets an appointment to meet Slick Willie at 11:00 a.m. the next day to seal the deal on the insurance.

Bob arrived about 30 minutes early for the appointment at the complex and he is a bit surprised at how luxurious this apartment complex is.  There are late model BMW’s, at least 4 Mercedes Benz’s and he doesn’t see a single older car in the parking lot.

As Bob’s 1990 Mercury belches dark exhaust as he pulls into the complex, he thinks it might not be best to park in the visitor’s spot, for two reasons.  His car is leaking oil and he doesn’t think that would leave a good impression with Bob.

Willie finds a street about 3 blocks away to tuck away his “vintage” car and he walks back to the complex.

Willie is nervously waiting outside the complex for some time and he glances at his watch for the 10th time wondering if he just got stood up.  It’s about 11:30 in the morning when Bob makes his appearance and pulls up in his Porsche convertible with the top down.

Willie had previously looked up Bob’s profile picture on one of the social media sites so he instantly recognizes his soon to be new customer.  Bob unhurriedly opens his door and steps out of his late model sports car.

Willie approaches Bob and states, “I’m assuming you are Mr. Robertson?”

With a slow nod of his head, Bob quickly looks at Willie, the cheap suit, bad shoes, and aftershave and wondered for a moment if this was the insurance agent, or a homeless man.

Bob does not extend his hand for a greeting, because he had also forgotten the insurance agents name.

We will find out what happens in our next post.

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