Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Washington State

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Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Washington State

Searching for Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance in Washington State?

NEMT Insurance for Transportation companies is challenging to find!

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Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Washington State — Tough to Find!

Why is Washington State NEMT Insurance tough to find?  Few insurance underwriters are willing to offer this specialized type of coverage to transportation companies because it’s a very risky type of enterprise to insure.


Claims potential is much more!  Any type of transportation business significantly increases the loss exposure for insurance companies versus a tradition business insuring commercial vehicles, plus one other factor we will consider.

We will consider a fictitious claims example — a contractor for our first claim and next an NEMT Transportation Company so we can see the reason why the vast majority of standard insurance underwriters are not willing to provide commercial insurance for Transportation Companies.

Example: Joe Bama owns a roofing company called Bama Roofing Inc. and he insures 3 trucks on a commercial auto policy. Joe uses the trucks in his business to transport his crew, tools, and a trailer they use to transport shingles removed from homes they work on.

Joe’s foreman, Barney Shive, is scheduled to work on Linda Joni’s home who had suffered significant damage because of a hail storm.  The day before Barney’s crew had finished tearing off the old set of shingles and were starting to lay shingles today.

About 30 minutes into their work day one of the crew, Stevie Jones, reported to Barney that his nail gun was malfunctioning.

Barney fiddled with the nail gun for about 10 minutes before giving up and he goes to his truck in search of the extra nail gun they keep on hand for just such a situation and discovers that the nail gun is missing.

Barney calls Joe to report to him that one of their nail guns had broken and he was missing the extra nail gun. Joe, remembers that he had taken the extra nail gun himself from Barney’s truck.

Joe then tells Barney to send Stevie over to pick up a gun from his worksite, but he wants Barney to remain on site to supervise the crew handling the Linda Joni job.

After hanging up with Joe Barney tells Stevie he needs him to drive over to the job site Joe is working at to pick up a nail gun and he hands over the truck keys.

Stevie gets in the 2016 Ford F350 work truck and heads toward the home Joe is working on which in about a 30-minute drive.

Stevie is about 10 minutes away when his live-in girlfriend Kimmy sends a text message to tell him that she has moved out and is ending their relationship!

Stevie wasn’t expecting that and tries repeatedly to reach Kimmy by phone to no avail.

Kimmy sends Stevie another text message a few minutes later telling him to stop calling — Stevie is heartbroken and responds to Kimmy’s text while driving toward the other worksite — trying desperately to learn why she is breaking up with him as he was under the impression their relationship was going great, they had even talked about starting a family as recently as last week.

Kimmy texts back something about meeting someone else and he needs to move on with his life in large caps…Stevie is very angry and begins to compose a reply message, taking his eye off the road for only a few moments he glances up noticing too late that traffic had come to a complete stop because apparently a food truck had broken down at an intersection and was not moving.

Stevie slams on the brakes but there wasn’t enough time and his large Ford truck hits a minivan at about 19 miles per hour.

Stevie is injured, and 3 other passengers are likewise injured in the accident. In our next post we will learn of the extent of the injuries and introduce our characters for the NEMT claims scenario.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Washington State — We Can Help You!

It’s very difficult to find Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance in Washington State and the reason is based on a lack of insurance carriers willing to underwrite Insurance Policies for this specialized type of insurance.

However, the agents of Duncan & Associates Insurance Brokers can help you find Washington State NEMT Insurance!

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